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All these require that the blow molding machine enterprises 2020-03-26

For a person who wants to invest in setting up a plastic bottle factory, buying a bottle blowing machine with high cost performance, stable quality, and timely service is an urgent matter in front of him.  Molding Equipment Co. However, there are many large and small bottle blowing machine manufacturers on the market, and the quality varies, and the after-sales mechanism of many companies is not perfect, making it difficult for people to choose. For example:

After the Mexican customer's machine arrived at their factory last month, our company immediately dispatched specialized technicians to the customer's factory to help the customer install and debug, and trained their employees, and only returned after the customer was able to operate the machine proficiently.

From consulting, sales to maintenance and repair, we promise to respond 24 hours a day, uninterrupted technical service support 7 days a week, and provide one year warranty for the machine. After nearly 30 years of development, domestic bottle blowing machine companies have made great progress, and the equipment manufacturing level has been comparable to foreign bottle blowing machine companies, so they have higher requirements for after-sales.

All these require that the blow molding machine enterprises have a perfect after-sales system. has been continuously building and improving its own after-sales service system. Foreign blow molding machine companies have always been technically leading domestic blow molding machines.. Therefore, it is especially important to choose a manufacturer with high cost performance and perfect after-sales service. In the later stage, they continuously gave them technical support in the customer tracking service, and received unanimous praise from customers. After the blowing machine is sold, it is also responsible for the assembly and training of the blowing machine, and follow-up blowing mould factory the maintenance of the blowing machine in a timely manner., Ltd

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