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Check whether the safety door limit switch is intact and triggered normally 2020-03-16

(11) Check if there is any problem with the pneumatic system. (8) Check if the system pressure is normal. The oil temperature must be stopped and cooled when it exceeds 60 ℃.. (9) Check the extruder assembly, manifold assembly and die for leaks. (3) Check the motor oil pump, piping, and valve for oil and water leakage.Blow molding machine requires daily maintenance and maintenance. (7) Check the oil temperature. (12) Check whether the lubrication of the central automatic blowing machine suppliers lubrication system for each moving component is sufficient. (14) Check whether the main oil circuit on-off valve and valve core feedback input trigger normally. (5) Check the flow of cooling water and mold cooling medium. (2)

Check whether the heating coil (heating plate) is fixed firmly and whether the wiring is short-circuited. Daily maintenance and maintenance of the blow molding machine: (1) Whether the mold clamping device is normal and reliable. (10) Check whether the guide rod of the closed cutter assembly is worn, whether the clearance between the front cutter and the rear cutter is appropriate, and whether the cooling effect of the cutter is appropriate. Regularly cleaning the barrel, screw, die assembly and molding die of the extruder, regularly lubricating the moving parts, carefully maintaining the machinery, keeping the raw materials clean and the workplace clean Long-term normal operation of the blow molding machine. (13)

Check whether the safety door limit switch is intact and triggered normally. (4) Check the liquid level of the fuel tank. (6) Check for abnormal noises in the motor oil pump, piping, and valves. The temperature of the hydraulic oil is generally within the range of 35 ℃ -50 ℃ after the machine starts running for several hours

The functions of PLC and PC are as follows: (1) switch value, analog value: temperature, pressure, flow control, logic control of oil pump, gas valve (2) timing function, timing function: blow, exhaust , How much time is required to eject some actions and how much delay is controlled by the timer inside (3) Technical functions:Some  rotations need to know the position, and the encoder can send out pulses to know the position (4) Process control function:

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