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Operations of the bottle blowing machine together through the operation 2020-03-05

Greatly speed up the production rate.2% P, during the blow molding process: stretching-one blow-two blows, The time for the three actions is short, but they must be well coordinated, especially the first two steps determine the overall distribution of the material, and the quality of the blow molding machine. High pressure and double curved arm connecting rods are used for clamping, and the clamping force is strong; I. Every mechanical action is safe Self-locking device, when a certain process fails, the program will automatically switch to a safe state;

F, each action is driven by the cylinder, without the use of oil pump, has the advantages of no pollution, low noise, etc . The fully automatic bottle blowing machine completes the two operations of the bottle blowing machine together through the operation of the robot, eliminating the process of manually putting the preheated preform into the blowing mold in the middle. Preheating of the bottle blowing machine: the preform (embryo) is irradiated with an infrared high temperature lamp, and the The bad (embryo) body part is heated and softened. There are two methods of manual and automatic operation; J

The safe, reliable and unique valve position design makes the gas path clear at a glance; K. Blow the preform (preform) into the desired bottle. 2. Co. Features and process of automatic blow molding machine: intelligent, reliable, efficient and energy saving. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust: the start timing of the stretching, the stretching speed, the timing of the start and end of the pre-blowing, the pet preform mould factory pre-blowing pressure, the pre-blowing flow, etc.

PET plastics are commonly used today., Ltd. L, the bottle body is free from contamination M, the cooling system achieves the ideal cooling effect N, installation, simple startup O, bottle rejection rate is less than 0. A. Conveyor automatically feeding blanks; C. The production process is fully automated, which has the advantages of low investment, high efficiency, convenient operation, simple maintenance, and safety. If possible, it is best to control the overall temperature distribution of the preform. Principle of the bottle blowing machine: 

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